"Late last year my daughter Monique attended one of your 6 week fitness/netball courses.  I just wanted to let you know she made it into the 13's Div 1 team.  
She is so happy and I'm sure all the tips and training you provided helped her get there.
Just wanted to say thanks"

"Giorgi had a great time! "Best sport ever" she told her dad (-;"
Lucette Parkes

"Another great day had by my daughter Teoni!!! Thank you once again to your wonderful team!!! ;)))"
Charmaine Fraser Jungblut

"Such an awesome Clinic. Fun, organised, helpful, worthwhile and incredible staff. Great for future netball stars or parents with kids just looking for something different to keep the kids active. Can't recommend enough"
Jo Casamento

girls on slide small

"Hey Gabby, thanks for a great day today. Victoria had a blast, rain and all. My carload of girls did not stop talking about it the whole way home."
Natalie Jones-Xylas

"Congrats on your clinics Gab! Great programme! No wonder you get such great results."
Donna Johnson

"Keira has had a fab day today!!! Thank you Gabrielle Donato and her great team!! All so friendly!!! Well worth every cent!!! See u all Wednesday and hopefully next holidays when on again!!! ;)))"
Charmaine Fraser Jungblut

"I have known Gabby for 9 years. She has been an inspiration for all my children (1 boy and 2 girls) in their sporting endeavours since their early primary school years.

Gabby has an amazing ability to be firm but fair while at the same time having great fun with the kids. The children respect and admire her. Her coaching skills and passion, particularly in netball, have allowed young players from all abilities to gain skill and confidence in sport and life.

I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor."
Dr Charon Western

"I have known Gabby since 2008 when my eldest daughter started school at Double Bay, firstly in the capacity of P.E. teacher and as time progressed, as the PSSA coach and co-ordinator for all inter-school sports at our school. It was when my daughter was old enough to play netball that I got to know Gabby in an entirely new light. I play netball myself twice a week (in a very amateur way) and therefore have a love of the game and all it does for the girls who play it. Gabby however has a passion and obvious talent for the game that I have not encountered before.

It is one thing to be an amazing player and sportsperson, which Gabby is, but it is an entirely different skill to be able to teach it to children with the level of patience and consistency, while achieving the very best results, that Gabby does. Everyone who has been coached by Gabby in any way has the utmost respect for her and the skill and professionalism that she brings to all sport and we feel incredibly fortunate to have Gabby at Double Bay School.

To be able to go to Netball Clinics that Gabby is running is an amazing opportunity for children around Sydney to experience all she has to offer in a personal and rewarding environment completely different to what is on offer elsewhere. My daughter will be there with bells on!"
Dimity Mitsis  Personal Branding and Styling, Brand New You   www.bny.com.au 

"Awesome, Gabby. There are a lot of lucky girls out there who'll benefit from your clinics. Best of luck spreading your skill, enthusiasm and strategy!"
Michelle Holdsworth