Frequently Asked Questions

We don't have enough players for a team.  Can we still register?

Yes. If you have 4 or more players, please register and we'll try our best to fill the remaining places for you. We have a single player register that we can draw upon. You will not be asked to pay until you have a complete team.

Our team members wish to all pay separately.  How can we do this?

We accept individual payments for all of our payment methods. To pay by Active Kids, please send details to

  1. 16 digit Voucher Number
  2. Child's Name and DOB
  3. Team to allocate payment to
To pay directly into our bank account, please reference player name and team name. Account name: High Performance Netball BSB: 062200 Account: 1036 6668 Credit Card Payment When paying by credit card, you can choose to either pay the whole amount or to share the payment amongst all team members. Please Note: When paying this way, an additional fee will be charged. The team will also have a period of 14 days to complete their shared payments, after which the remaining amount outstanding will be charged to the 'Team Organiser' (the person who set up the team).

I want to play but I don't have a team.  What is the process?

Register as a Single Player. Make sure all fields are completed including DOB and contact details. You can also provide more details in the text field under the umpiring qualification section. Use this section to tell us what level of netball you've been playing (age group and division) and if you want to be put in a team with friends, please let us know their names. If you are already part of a team, do not register as a single player.

I have a team but I can't find them to register. What do I do?

Do not register as a single player - this option is for players who do NOT have a team to join. You can search your team name here. If you can't find your team via this search, it's best to contact your team's organiser and they will be able to add you.